Evidence That Picasa is Google+’s Photo Management Engine

Google announced that Blogger and Picasa would be rebranded later this summer.
Google World Domination Starts with… Rebranding? Bye Bye Blogger & Picasa

There’s some speculation that the Google+ photos feature is really Picasa. Although I’m not in the Google+ beta program, I installed the Google+ Android app in preparation for the public beta. However, I noticed that my ability to share with my Picasa account disappeared after installing the app. Uninstalling the app restored my ability to share a photo from the Android Gallery app to Picasaweb. The two screen shots from my Android phone were taken without (left) and with (right) the Google+ app installed. I changed the contrast around the two changed items to highlight them. I have no idea why Android resorts the list so dramatically after the Google+ app is installed. This sharing menu change is enough evidence for me to believe that Google+ photos is using Picasa as its underlying photo management engine.