Everything’s Coming Up Carrie, For Now

Literally. It’s starting to feel like there is not a story to be written at the moment that in some way doesn’t have something to do with the SATC movie. It’s like wearing really large, rose colored, tunnel-vision glasses. But is it a last hurrah for print world?

While Carrie et al. are currently cash cows for many magazines, if not the retail industry, over at Folio Dylan Stableford is speculating that they may be the last of the red-hot cover girls. In the show and now the film Bradshaw is all about about print, with nary a cell phone in sight (which brings us to this: A pay phone! Does she also use subway tokens?), however at a party the other night in honor of one of the film’s stars Kristin Davis, Stableford says the hosts could barely give away a magazine,

There were dozens of free copies of Health spread along a railing for the taking. But most of the 300 or so guests — twenty-and-thirtysomethings, nearly all women — were too busy clutching their camera phones hoping to snap a photo with Davis — presumably to upload to their Facebook pages — to care.
Okay, so it was Health, but still, point taken. In this day and age, Carrie would probably be twittering her column directly to someone’s RSS feed, while studiously checking her Facebook for updates. Oh wait, that’s Gossip Girls.

Meanwhile, the WSJ is reporting that while these girls might not want to buy magazines they want to see the movie as much as their thirty-something counterparts. According the to article the seventeen and under set has grown up watching the more sanitized version on TBS (who are they kidding, they’ve been watching the real deal on YouTube, hello!), but aren’t allowed into theaters due to the film’s R-rating. Which begs the question, why are we still rating movies when the really hard core stuff is available online, free to all, at least for the time being.

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