Everything’s Bigger in Texas, Even the Jokes About Domestic Violence

Full disclosure: I’m a Texan.

I love my state, its people and most things in it. Save the stereotypes. I hate it when national football shows come to cover the Cowboys and without reservation, those cracked producers will almost surely find some horses, tumbleweeds and cow poop. Appreciate that.

And then there are things like this crap from the state capital and outside a bar hoping to shill some adult beverages.

Go ahead. Read this sign. I’ll wait…

Yes, that really happened by this dive called Minibar in Austin.

It all started when an Austin resident Seetha Kulandaisamy shared a picture of the sign on Facebook and Instagram. One click and this thing caught fire. It was everywhere, including on the desks of many national beat reporters.

“I walked by the sign on Friday night, and my first response was just anger,” Kulandaisamy said. “I currently am a volunteer at the women’s shelter in Austin, so my sensitivity is extra high, but I think my reaction would have been the same regardless. Not only was it offensive, but it was also just bad humor.”

Minibar kowtowed to what had to be awful phone calls and a litany of hate tweets, which is why there is a second sign. We’ll call it the ‘mea culpa’ sign. The following morning, it was outside and the genius employee was out on the street.

“Minibar doesn’t condone that sign,” owner Alex Elmiger said. “I give my utmost apology and assure it won’t happen again. As soon as it was brought to my attention, I wanted to do something to rectify the situation.”

While this clearly wasn’t the owner’s fault, and that was good thinking to resolve the matter, this shows that any employee is an extension of the brand in which they are employed. Be it social media or pitching new business, you become the brand. Make it look bad and do so at your peril. That dude did.