Everything You Wanted to Know About Celebrity Dating, Courtesy of Reddit

What makes Reddit so special?  Is it the democratic comments process which ensures that the most lauded comments are seen first?  Is it the proliferation of pithy, humorous image memes in the AdviceAnimals subreddit?  I’d wager to say it’s the strength of the IAMA (I am a) and AMA (Ask Me Anything) subreddits, which allow Redditors to chat with people with special characteristics.

The latest Reddit IAMA to go viral was with a non-celebrity who dated a celebrity.  It was submitted Sunday night and already has 1500 comments.

What’s interesting about this IAMA was that it was a request by the Reddit community that was answered within 4 hours.  User setset posted the IAMA request for “A non-celebrity who has dated a celebrity” and the post got 1129 upvotes and made the front page.  The top comment, which probably drove a lot of the upvotes, was that someone responded to say that their ex-girlfriend had cheated on him with Jude Law.  From there, Redditors jumped on with stories and jokes, and you can check it out here.

The actual IAMA response, from a woman who dated one of the stars of Malcolm in the Middle, lasted for around 6 hours as users asked all sorts of questions about the logistics and personal inclinations of the star and how the celebrity interaction had changed her life.  It’s a fascinating read and the user, “I_dated_francis” answered a whole lot of questions.  Check it out here.