Everything Old is New Again: Brokaw to Host Meet the Press Through Election

340x.jpgProving that you can actually go home again Tom Brokaw, who left his NBC Nightly News anchor chair in December of 2004, will be taking over hosting duties on Meet the Press from now through November. Says NBC’s Steve Capus: “To have someone of Tom’s stature step up and dedicate himself to ensuring its ongoing success is not only a testament to his loyalty to Tim, but his enduring commitment to NBC News and our viewers.”

The move will also give the network some breathing room to make a decision as to who will take over the position permanently, though come mid-November we foresee the entire country going into some sort of post-election anaphylactic shock, which will quickly be cured by the return of the Hollywood writers, which will return MTP to its core political junkie viewership. Short version: Brokaw got the golden ticket. That said, we’ve always had a soft spot for Brokaw, so it’s nice to see him back, however, it would also have been nice to see Gwen Ifill and Chuck Todd on some sort of Sunday rotation.