‘Everything From Howlin’ Wolf to Yo-Yo Ma’: What’s in Obama’s Ears

21471260-21471261-slarge.jpgNow that the longest, most exciting, most politically invigorating Presidential primary season in history is over, we can move on to more important and familiar tasks like knocking some inches off Barack Obama’s pedestal in the hopes of re-imaging him as less a hugely inspirational, well-spoken intelligent candidate than someone whose iPod selections can be made the butt of late night jokes (read: beer and BBQ).

To that end (though not as directly as say a US Weekly “profile”) in the course of interviewing Obama for the upcoming issue of Rolling Stone editor-in-chief Jann Wenner asked the Dem candidate what’s on his iPod. Obama reveals all after the jump (actually, for the most part it’s pretty good stuff).

If I had one musical hero, it would have to be Stevie Wonder…When I was at that point where you start getting involved in music, Stevie had that run with Music of My Mind, Talking Book, Fulfillingness’ First Finale and Innervisions, and then Songs in the Key of Life. Those are as brilliant a set of five albums as we’ve ever seen.

Wonder shares room on Obama’s iPod with “everything from Howlin’ Wolf to Yo-Yo Ma to Sheryl Crow…And I have probably 30 Dylan songs on my iPod.