Everything’s Big in Texas, Including 2010 Stats for The Texas Tribune

Evan Smith, CEO and editor-in-chief of nonprofit, nonpartisan news site The Texas Tribune, shared some of the site’s statistics for 2010 in a post titled Lots of Good News in the Trib’s 2010 Analytics.

The Texas Tribune tallied 23,011,098 in 2010, averaging slightly more than 1.917 million per month, and the site totaled 3,970,635 visits by 2,209,958 unique visitors, or more than 184,000 per month. Its average number of page views per visit was 5.8, and 70 percent of its traffic came from Texas, with 23 percent from the state capital of Austin. Smith wrote:

It was a very interesting and newsworthy year for Texas politics and public policy, so it makes sense that traffic on our still-newish site would be robust — but even we optimists at Trib HQ didn’t imagine that it would be this robust. Admittedly, the goals we set for ourselves were plucked from thin air, so there’s no great significance in the fact that we blew past them early and didn’t look back. Still, when you’re trying to grow an enterprise of any kind, a burgeoning customer base and repeat business are mission-critical. Check and check.

And: We have big things planned for 2011 — for the legislative session and beyond. For starters, each of the next four Mondays, we’ll be rolling out new features, cool apps, and other tweaks to our offerings that will build on what we’ve accomplished so far, culminating with a rollout of FlashBang Agency’s 1.5 version of our design. Stay tuned.