Everyplay game recording network comes to Android


After a successful launch on iOS devices, Applifier has launched its Everyplay mobile gaming network on Android 4.1 and up. The network allows users to record and share replays of their favorite gaming moments on social networks, which works to encourage new players to download those same games.

Built to increase word-of-mouth installs, and ultimately increase revenue, the Everyplay platform is now available to over 60 percent of global Android users, and supports the most popular Android devices, including the Samsung Galaxy SII, SIII and S4, Galaxy Note devices, LG Optimus devices, Google’s Nexus devices and more.

“The common wisdom was that replay sharing would be impossible on Android 4.1, but we made it work. Everyplay for Android 4.1 and up supports even the most CPU & GPU intensive games like Dead Trigger 2,” said Jussi Laakkonen, CEO & founder of Everyplay. “Our unique technology is the key deciding factor on why some of the world’s largest companies in mobile games choose Everyplay both on iOS and Android.”

Dead Trigger 2 developer Madfinger Games has found players are incredibly interested in recording and sharing their gameplay moments with friends. When launched in the iOS version of the game, players shared over 18,000 replays in just a few days.

Since its debut, Everyplay has been integrated into 275 iOS games, with 2.6 million replays shared to date. Over 600,000 replays were shared in the month of January 2014 alone. Players can share replays across the Everyplay network, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, with some developers seeing up to 7.5 percent of their daily installs originate from Everyplay.

More information on Everyplay for Android is available on the company’s website.