Everyone’s A-Twitter


There’s always that One Big Thing that everyone’s talking about at SXSW. It was only after we got back and started reading the coverage that we realized one biggie was new music service Slacker, which we didn’t hear a thing about. Honestly, it would have been impossible to hear anything over all the Twitter.

Twitter basically transforms your text messages (or IM) into a broadcast service for all your friends, so you can tell them exactly what you’re doing. Right at that minute. And they can tell you exactly what they’re doing. And you all know what you’re all doing, all the time. We’ll resist any more commentary than that, you get it.

Twitter wasn’t premiered at SXSW, but, like Dodgeball (which everyone was talking about last year), it serves a great purpose at an event like this, where you really need to tell people what panel you’re currently seeing, why this speaker sucks, where you’re eating, and who you’re drinking with. When Twitter won the Web Award for best blog, they said “We want to thank everyone in less 140 characters or less, and we just did.” Everyone laughed, so there you go; cemented in SXSW culture.

CNET’s got the Twitter vs. Dodgeball lowdown. There’s already Twitter haiku and a complete Twitter vocabulary (“I’ll be off-Twitter for a bit”). A huge flatscreen monitor at SXSW floated the most recent local Twitters across it like lonely musings of people in search of a good time. But there were so many that we seriously felt left out. Maybe it’s time to Twitter.