Everyone’s A Blogger

While there is nothing to suggest L.A. needs more bloggers, newpaper folks are rushing to give everyone with thumbs their own url:

@ The Orange County Register is offering to host blogs for the paper’s readers — though, it being a newspaper, OCR reserves the right to ban any IP address that repeatedly spews racist, stupid bullshit. So, basically, everyone.

@ And now LAT Publisher David Hiller says he’ll take time out from his busy day to blog about his busy day. Though from this internal memo to staffers, it doesn’t sound like he’s too clear on the concept of blogs:

Taking up a suggestion a number of you have made, I have decided to do a <a href="http://blogger.latimes.com/ blog about things going on at The Times and in our industry. It will be two-way, so you can post comments, give feedback and ask questions, and see what others are saying.

This is my first blog, so we’ll be experimenting together a bit.

We thought it would be good to start with a few guidelines:

*This is internal, just for us, so please don’t share the blog content outside the company

*Comments require the full name of the person posting — no anonymous posts

*The blogs are moderated and all posts will be reviewed for inappropriate language (e.g., libelous, obscene, invasion of privacy, etc.)

*The blogs will not get into specific employment matters (e.g., wages, hours, other terms and conditions of work)

*Be open and candid, and (as always) considerate of others’ ideas and viewpoints.

*We may change our approach based on experience