Everyone on Earth Weighs In on Hillary Campaign Video, Logo

What's your #hottake?

In case you are not among the five million-plus viewers who watched Hillary Clinton’s campaign launch video yesterday, here it is again via YouTube:

OK then. So what did everyone think? Glad you asked…

First the small stuff: Clinton’s press release contained a crucial typo:

Social media was all Hillary all weekend:

Accurate! Interestingly, Facebook and YouTube provided an almost equal total of the video’s overall views:

The Clinton team’s social rollout earned mixed reviews, however. Friend of the site Gretchen Fox of [mto] told Business Insider that they weren’t quite quick enough on the real-time pushback:

“Hillary Clinton’s social media campaign launched strong but the team made a mistake by not being real-time ready to combat critics on Twitter.”

A quick search for #WhyImNotVotingForHillary bears that one out.

On the video, The New York Times’ critics called it “a fairly effective way for someone who has been on the political scene for 30 years to reintroduce herself to the country” by making it all about everyone BUT herself. It’s very different from her 2007 video, in which she focused on policy specifics and attempted to distinguish herself from George W. Bush.

Then, of course, there was the logo.

It resembled many, many other logos (this one was actually a bit of a stretch):

David Armano of Edelman wrote that “It stinks” and suggested that the team select a redesign while there’s still time.

The New Yorker probably put it best:

At this point, the Clinton campaign is probably very glad that its logo is the most contentious topic regarding the new campaign.

Yesterday, Felix Salmon of Fusion predicted that the coming 18 months will mark “the most depressing presidential campaign of your lifetime.

We feel like he’s onto something.