Everyone Loves Newspapers, Says Newspaper Org

According to a new study by the Newspaper Association of America (NAA), people still love newspapers and they enjoy them across multiple platforms. Some of the NAA’s key findings:

  • 74 percent of all Internet users depend on “local newspaper media” — in both digital and print — as vital sources of news
  • Among those who use newspaper media, 54 percent are using more than one platform to view content
  • 67 percent of newspaper readers use at least one of three platforms — computers, smartphones or tablets — multiple times a day

We’d point out the flaws in these stats, but we have to admit, we do these things too. We read The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times the most, and do so on every platform available.

Perhaps these findings can help papers lure advertisers in, especially when they hit them with this: Ad interaction among newspaper readers is 66 percent for digital, 61 percent for tablets and 59 percent for smartphones.