Everyone Loves Margaret Sullivan

We think Margaret Sullivan, the New York Times’ public editor, is great. In The Nation’s new profile of her, that sentiment gets echoed. Over and over again. In fact, Sullivan might be the most beloved person in media right now. Think we’re crazy? Maybe we are. Or maybe we’re so sane we just blew your mind. See below for some Sullivan love from The Nation’s piece.

Greg Mitchell, author of the profile:

Sullivan, on the other hand [compared to previous public editors], is able to cover so much, so often, because unlike her predecessors, she has used her blog at the paper’s main website regularly—making good on one of her first promises to readers after taking the job.

Jay Rosen:

What strikes me is that she’s determined to participate in the online conversation about the Times and its brand of journalism. The previous public editors did not see this as important. One result: she is on top of things a lot more quickly.

Erik Wemple:

Sullivan seems to be revolutionizing this position of in-house newspaper watchdog through the mere act of using her blog. She has an immediate impact by virtue of her position, and she’s showing that the Internet has a great deal of interest in more frequent dispatches from the public editor of The New York Times.

Everyone at the Times:

I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how open and responsive the editors and reporters have been,’ Sullivan told me. ‘They are clearly used to having a public editor—they know how it works. I haven’t once had someone say, ‘I don’t want to talk about it.’