Everyone Loves Knoller

From the Friday gaggle:

    MR. SNOW: My guess is that anything that’s going to be put in is going to be fresher than when the first President Bush left office 15 years ago — 14 years ago and change. I don’t want to get corrected again by Knoller. (Laughter.)

From the June 28 Pool Report:

    It’s all Knoller, kids: Following his meetings with families of slain troops, POTUS left the war college at 3 p.m., some 45 minutes behind schedule, returning via motorcade to the same grassy strip landing zone and boarding Marine One, which took off at 3:07. He landed at 3:17 p.m., than worked a rope line for five minutes, shaking hands with uniformed personnel at Quonset State Airport. As he walked away toward AF-1, someone from the crowd shouted, “Enjoy the fishi