Everyone Has a Story to Tell, Will You Share Yours with Tokoni?

Granted that everyone of us each have our own stories in life to tell with our friends and relatives, how far are we willing to go in sharing those stories to others? Tokoni, a social community for sharing your life story believes that there is a niche for this kind of social networking site. And even its investment backer, none other than top ecommerce site eBay believes so, to finally give the site a go signal to go public.

Tokoni which launched in 2007 believes that life’s diverse stories are intrinsically entertaining, informative, influential and inspiring. Hence, it is offering an online platform where you can share those stories, you life story to the public, with the hopes that these life stories can serve as a basic for exploring places, events, issues and points of view.

If you are willing to share your life story to everyone, then you might want to join Tokoni. As a member you can:

  • post your life story, be it a compelling one, funny, helpful, inspiring, helpful, absurd. For as long as those stories can inform, entertain and help others in any way, you may share it in Tokoni.
  • browse or search life stories by category, hub, member or story
  • create your own collection of other people’s life stories similar to a wish list or music play lists; you can also create these stories in categories such as type of events
  • connect with other Tokoni members with similar experiences or stories as yours
  • post comments and give out token or rewards to stories and their authors which you happened to like
  • link your stories to hubs where Tokoni members can share stories and join discussions
  • follow other Tokoni members and their stories
  • upload photos and videos to accompany your stories

If those features sound fun and interesting to you, you may want to join Tokoni now. But if you’d rather keep your personal life stories private then Tokoni is not that social networking site for you.