Every Issue of Playboy Now Available on iPad

Playboy has just made it easier to be creepy on the go. Every single issue of the men’s monthly – all 60 years of them – is now available on the iPad. The service, titled iPlayboy, allows consumers to subscribe for $8 per month or $60 per year to see the complete, uncensored archives.

We now turn to Jimmy Jellinek, Playboy’s Chief Content Officer, who gives The Chicago Tribune some choice quotes, hoping none of them make him sound like a pervert:

Jellinek is optimistic people will pony up the $8 per month or $60 per year for a service that’s ‘meant to appeal to that sense of collective nostalgia and affinity.’ He calls the website ‘the world’s sexiest time machine’ and ‘an anthology of cool’ for a magazine he refers to as ‘the Mount Rushmore of literary greatness.’

We have to give Jellinek some credit, “anthology of cool” sounds a lot better than “Magazine that old dudes look at while they’re in the bathroom.”