Evernote Trunk Conference App Grand Prize Winner: Touchanote

Evernote announced the grand prize winner of their first developer competition at the first Evernote Trunk Conference in San Francisco last week. And, it is a good example of using NFC (Near Field Communications) for something other than mobile commerce.

Evernote Trunk Conference: Acquisitions, Developer Competition Winners, Food Trucks and Twitter Trending

Here’s how Touchanote gets Evernote on a smartphone working with an NFC tag.

1. Associate an Evernote note with an NFC tag. This requires an NFC-enabled phone like a Nexus S (Android)
2. The next time you come across the NFC tag, tap the tag with smartphone
3. The note associated with the tag will appear in Evernote

You can imagine how useful this would be for tasks like asset management in the workplace or home. Imagine moving to a new home or office with dozens of boxes. Touchanote, Evernote and NFC tags would let you take a photo of the inside of the box, tap out a few notes about the contents and then put an NFC tag on the box to make it easy to figure out what is in each box later. Now if only there were more smartphones that supported NFC.

Video courtesy of wiseleapsolutions