Evernote myEN Twitter Integration Sounds Great. But Does it Work?

Evernote announced their myEN service that links Twitter tweets to their online notetaking service…

Evernote + Twitter = Instant Memories

The setup process is pretty simple. You start by following @myEN from your Twitter account. It then sends you a direct message (DM) with a link to activate your account.

It looks like Evernote is using the Twitter authentication system because I didn’t need to enter my Twitter account name or password. This is a good thing. I don’t trust Twitter services that force me to enter my Twitter password.

Evernote provided me confirmation in my Evernote account that it had linked my Twitter account to Evernote. So far so good.

The next step was to try out the service by including @myEN in a tweet (see above). Unfortunately, 40 minutes later, I still don’t see the test tweet or a subsequent second tweet I sent with @myEN in it in my Evernote notes list. My guess is that the service is being slammed with requests on its first full day of public availability. So, I’ll let it go for a couple of hours (or maybe a day or two) and return to it later. Stay tuned.

BTW: You can find me on Twitter at: @toddogasawara

UPDATE: It took about one hour for my first @myEN tweet to get to my Evernote account. I’m still waiting to see subsequent @myEN tweets appear there.