Evernote for iPhone & iPad Updated

If you own an iPad or iPhone, you might have noticed a significant number of app updates have been released in the past several days, most of which are in preparation for the release of iOS 4.2. Evernote is amongst the apps that has been updated to take advantage of the multitasking capabilities that iOS 4.2 brings, but the update includes features beyond support for multitasking.

If you like to store pictures that you take with your iPhone in Evernote, the update makes it easier to select multiple pictures in the Camera Roll. Audio notes can now be 90 minutes long, and playback has been improved to allow playback within the app rather than using Quicktime, and you can control playback with the dock player.

Evernote works with iOS 4.2’s new send file feature. When you open PDF and text files in Safari and Mail you will see an option to open them in Evernote. Opening the items in Evernote creates a new note with the item attached. Evernote will also support Apple’s AirPrint so that you can directly print notes by sending them to a printer on your network that supports Apple AirPrint.