Evernote For iPad & iPhone Now Has Rich Text Support

The iOS version of Evernote, a popular note taking and information storage app, has been updated with several often requested features, most significant of which is rich text support. With this version you can now add styled (bold, italic, underlined) text, highlight text, add URLs, create headers, and make lists.

In previous iOS versions of Evernote, if you opened a note that has rich text you weren’t able to easily edit the note. Now, if the note only contains the rich text that iOS supports, you will be able to fully edit the note as well as add additional rich text items. Unfortunately, this version still does not support check boxes, so when you open notes that have them you will be presented with options to Append or Simplify the note. Append allows you to enter text at the end of a note, while Simplify will remove any of the rich text items that the iOS app does not support.

Over the last several months Evernote has added more sharing features, and you can now share notebooks with other users. With this new iOS version of Evernote you can open any shared notebook that you have access to. Other features that have been added include the ability to assign a passcode to Evernote, which is only available to Premium users, the ability to search within notes, and a slideshow mode for viewing pictures stored within notes.

iPad users gain a new All Notes view that is not available on the iPhone and iPod Touch. The All Notes view displays a snippet for each note, with the snippet containing text or pictures within the note to make it easier to see what a note contains before opening it.

The new version of Evernotes is available now in the iPhone and iPad App Store.