Evernote for Android 1.2 Update Adds Ability to Decrypt Notes Encrypted on Desktop

YouTube video courtesy of EvernoteAndrew

So, let’s say you are a happy new owner of a Droid, Droid Eris or Nexus One and you want to find and use a good notetaking tool for it. My recommendation for any supported mobile device has been Evernote for quite a while now. The service and mobile apps for a variety of platforms (I used on a Windows PC, Mac, Windows Mobile, iPhone, and Android). Evernote updated the Android version just in time for the Nexus One launch…

Evernote for Android Gets an Update and a Video

Evernote 1.2 for Android adds the following features:

– Decrypt notes encrypted on the desktop
– Android notification used to let you know when a note upload is complete
– Improved camera support
– Improved geo-tagging