Evernote Announces They Have A Trunk

If you are familiar with Evernote’s logo that includes an image of an elephant, you will understand my attempt at humor in the title of this post. A few weeks ago I received an invitation from Evernote to attend a press conference, which was their first ever, because they had something new and exciting to announce.
At the press conference Evernote CEO Phil Libin announced that Evernote had completed Phase 1 of their strategy which was to establish Evernote as the tool to capture everything, and that the company was beginning Phase 2, which is to make Evernote smarter. The first step of this second phase came with the introduction of Evernote Trunk, which today is a catalog of applications, products, and services that integrate with Evernote, but by the end of the year Evernote plans to turn Trunk in to a full blown in-app store where users can directly buy products.
Trunk, which is available in the Evernote Mac and Windows clients today, features integration with mobile apps, desktop and web apps, and hardware products. Also included in Trunk is an Evernote store if you are interested in buying things with an Evernote logo, and branded notebooks, which are Evernote notebooks with content created by third parties. Make Magazine is one of the content providers, and they are providing notebooks featuring some of their do-it-yourself projects.
Most of the mobile apps featured in Evernote Trunk are for the iPhone. Seesmic was one of the apps featured at the press conference because you can send tweets from the Seesmic iPhone and Android app to Evernote. The Seesmic Android app simply takes advantage of the Android Share function to create a new Evernote note in the Evernote Android app with the tweet pasted in the body of the note, and that same functionality is also available in the Android Twitter app too.
A new app announced for the first time during the press conference is Voice2Note, which is a new product from Dial2Do. Voice2Note provides speech to text translation of audio messages that you record in an Evernote client or when you call a special phone number. You add tags to the audio message by saying “tag with ” at the end of the message. A free version of Voice2Note provides a maximum of five audio note transcriptions with no tagging, and the Pro version costs $29 per year for an unlimited number of audio note transcriptions with tagging.