Evernote Adds Note Sharing

Evernote has released an update to the Windows version of their application that adds the ability to share notes with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Evernote has also made it easier to share notebooks and now provides the ability to link to shared notebooks within the Windows app, where previously you could only access shared notebooks via the web site.

Notes that you share on Twitter and Facebook are made available via Evernote’s web site. When you share a note on Twitter, Evernote uses Twitter’s URL shortening service. People who click the link in your tweet will see the contents of the note as it was the last time you synchronized the Windows app with Evernote’s servers.

People who access notes via Twitter and Facebook cannot edit them, and they don’t have any other access to your content. However, any changes that you make to shared notes will be viewable the next time someone clicks the link or refreshes their browser.

In effect, Evernote’s sharing provides an easy way to publish live updates to a web page in a manner similar to how folks publish live blogs. Now here is something really cool. Once you share a note using the Windows app, any updates that you make using any other Evernote app, be it on Android or iPhone, will be added to the shared note and available to people who access it.

As a test I created a note and shared it via Twitter using the Windows app. I then opened that note using the Evernote Android app, added a sentence and saved the note. After the Evernote app uploaded the change, I refreshed the page on my PC and saw the new sentence. I then opened the note again on the phone and created a voice recording and saved the note. As you can see, the voice recording is also added to the shared note, which I have been able to play within the browser using Quicktime.

I have to admit, when I first learned about them, I wasn’t too enthusiastics about the new sharing features in Evernote. Now that I have played with the capability, I can see how this might be really useful to me.

My one gripe is that Evernote needs to provide a visual indication that a note is being shared, right now the only way to tell that you are sharing a note is by right-clicking the note title to see if the Stop Sharing option is available in the context menu. For this reason, I recommend creating a notebook just for notes that you are going to share. Before sharing a notebook from one of your other notebooks, copy it into the “sharing notebook” and then share it. By keeping your shared notes in one place, you can be certain to not accidentally publish something to the web that you otherwise would not want to be public.