Evernote Acquires Skitch And Releases Skitch For Android

One way that I use Evernote on my smartphones is to capture information using the camera. While I can store pictures in Evernote, which performs character recognition on any text in pictures, what I cannot do is annotate the pictures before sending them to Evernote’s servers. Today Evernote gained the ability to annotate pictures by acquiring Skitch, which is an image capture and annotation app for the Mac. In addition to announcing the acquisition, Evernote also announced the new Skitch Android app.

Skitch is very easy to operate, you can either snap a picture and then annotate it, annotate an existing picture, or annotate on a blank screen. You can use Skitch in portrait and landscape, but I find it easier to use in landscape.

As you can see in the screenshot, the annotation tools are along the left side of the screen, and along the right side of the screen are options to return to the home screen, delete, undo/redo, share, and save the annotated image to Evernote. Tapping the Evernote button stores the annotation in your default notebook. Sharing uses the Android sharing functionality, allowing you to share annotate pictures on Facebook and Twitter, as well as store them on services like Dropbox.

The annotation options include an ink color and size selector, a pencil or highlighter, an arrow, select, type, and shape (square/circle/line). You basically tap the option, then tap on the picture where to place the option and then either draw, if you are using the pencil or highlighter, or type. If you select a shape, you tap to insert it on the picture and then slide your finger to increase the size of the shape.

Skitch is a free app and currently available in the Android Market, although it runs on Gingerbread. The OS X version of Skitch previously cost $19.95 in the Mac App Store, and now it is available for free. No word about when Skitch will be available for other platforms, but given Evernote’s cross-platform commitment, I expect to see it eventually on iOS, Windows Phone, and Windows.

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