Evernote 3.2.0 for iPhone Makes Offline Cool Again: Lots of New Features

The new (and still free) Evernote iPhone app is available from the iTunes App Store now…

Huge Evernote for iPhone Update: Offline notebooks and more!

Evernote 3.2.0 (iTunes App Store)

Here’s what’s new…

– For everyone: Notes created on the iPhone are stored on the iPhone and available even when not connected to a network. This should be especially welcome news to iPod touch users.

– For Premium customers: Ability to choose to store any notebooks (collection of notes) on the iPhone for offline viewing

– People using the free Evernote service can upgrade to Premium through an in-app purchase

– Audio recording length limit doubled to 20 minutes

– Cached notes can be search while offline

– Potentially confusing rich-text note editing options: Append plain text to existing rich note as with the previous app release. New option to strip out rich-text formatting to allow editing all the existing text in a note

– Ability to search while the app is synchronizing with Evernote’s server