Evernote 1.1.5 App for Android is Here!


I owned another Android phone briefly before the Droid. That wa the very first Android phone, the T-Mobile G1 back in October 2008. One of the things that really bothered me during the two weeks I owned the G1 was the Evernote didn’t have an app for it and its mobile site did not render well back in the G1 days. Evernote’s mobile site renders fine on Android phones now. But, I still wanted a native app on my Droid. I tried the 1.1 early beta release but it wasn’t quite ready for prime time (hence its limited promotion). Well, Evernote has a new 1.1.5 beta ready for testing. And, it looks like it is getting ready for prime time based during my brief (so far) tests.

Evernote is one of those must-have apps that you need on everything you use. I certainly do.

Evernote downloads page

Check out more screenshots of Evernote for Android 1.1.5 in the full blog entry




If you want to learn more about Evernote, check out the podcast I recorded with Evernote CEO Phil Libin back in January below: