Ever Wanted to Be a Sculpture? Well Now You Can with “Toys Are Us”

In a spin on the immortal words of the Killers, enterprising metal scultor, Zac Shavrick, asks “Are we human, or are we monster?”. An important question, that — and one that, luckily, you can mull over for yourself by commissioning Shavrick to create your very own, personalized sculpture through the artist’s current Kickstarter campaign.

Shavrick’s Toys Are Us, the project in question, allows interested contributors to submit a photo of themselves (preferably in a ridiculous pose) and have the artist craft a sculpture based on their likeness. The catch is that these sculptures, made of metal, can be either monstrous or realistic (that is, realistic as long as you look like a human).

Once enough commissions have been offered to Shavrick he aims to create a miniature world of these personalized monster and human caricatures. The ultimate tableau could consist of you shooting the breeze with your monstrous pals, battling another creature or just hanging out, observing the rest of the scene.

I don’t know about you but, for me at least, the idea of a personalized sculpture is the perfect mix of vanity and hilarity. And Zac Shavrick is certainly talented enough to pull off his project, having worked as a metal scultor since childhood.

Because this is Kickstarter, there are a wide range of tiers for contributors to choose from. Smaller donations net prizes like a small, 2-inch sculpture while larger funding amounts get you full-size portrait busts and more.

Toys Are Us will be funded on Thursday, July 14th at 11.56am EST if the $8,000 goal is raised on time. Want to learn more about Zac Shavrick and his work? Take an internet stroll through his personal website, blog or Kickstarter page.