Follow Breaking News On Twitter With Experimental (And Official) @EventParrot Account

Last month Twitter revealed that it tests a least one “experiment” each day – a small feature that it rolls out to a limited subset of users to basically see what happens. If the feature tests well, more users get to try it out, and so on, until the experiment becomes an actual part of the network for everyone.

One of these experiments was @MagicRecs, a profile that recommends @accounts based on the following habits of people you already follow. @MagicRecs is now a fully-fledged Twitter feature, and following in its heels is @EventParrot, which proposes to help you keep up with what’s happening in the world.

Like @MagicRecs, to get @EventParrot to work you simply follow it. Then, from time to time, it will send you breaking news to keep you on the pulse. This is what I have received so far.

As said it’s (very much) an experimental feature and not one that’s particularly useful for me at the moment. I think one of the problem’s it faces is Twitter as an entity is arguably THE source of breaking news, so why try and do it differently with an automated, behind-the-scenes profile? Seems like it even if they could make this awesome it would be better served being a public tweeter of breaking news. Still, @MagicRecs has been occasionally useful, so @EventParrot might also prove to be a worthy follow.

(Twitter image: MacBeales via Flickr.)

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