Even Without Abrams, Anchor-Less News Preps For Launch

Randy Michaels and Lee Abrams may have left Tribune Co., but the initiative they kicked off to launch an anchor-less newscast at KIAH in Houston is still going strong, TVNewsCheck reports.

“We are going ahead and it’s going to be anchorless, like envisioned,” KIAH General Manager Roger Bare told TVNewsCheck.

The program, called NewsFix, will rely more heavily on pre-produced stories and be more fast-paced, and will have, as mentioned many times, no anchors. Instead, Abrams told TVNewsCheck (he may not be working on the project anymore but he’s definitely opining on it), NewsFix will call to mind old-timey movie newsreels.


In news we can more easily wrap our minds around, the “imaginator” Tribune hired turned out to be Gary Jaffe, a Miami-area producer and director. He’s currently leading “the intense kind of training that comes with basically tossing out the way local news has always been done,” said TVNewsCheck, paraphrasing Bare. The show launches in January, and only one thing is yet certain: all eyes will be on Houston when it does.

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