Even The Army Has A Pinterest

You read that right. The U.S. Army is on Pinterest. Its pinboards feature things like patriotic food, flag-covered home decor, and so on, but also pictures of historical uniforms, photos of basic training, and more.

The Atlantic called the Army’s social media strategy “quite impressive.”

“The Army knows what’s up content wise, in a PR sort of way, at least. Most of the stuff is more like promotional material than anything else, the badass Army image, like this wounded soldier video or these heroic soldier photos on Flickr….The understanding goes deeper than “what to post.” The Army also gets Internet pace, updating these profiles on just the right type of regular basis, tweeting a couple of times every hour, or Facebooking a handful of times a day. None of the profiles go dormant for too long. Our own social media editor, Jared Keller, tells us that this type of timing is strategic, as to neither bombard or disappoint followers. To maintain all of these unique platforms with the right kind of content as well as the Army does must take … an army.”

The Army even gave a presentation on Pinterest (Slideshare below), in which it notes that “Currently, only a handful of military organizations are using Pinterest.”

Well, yeah. But this is a great example of a bureaucratic (and male-heavy) organization using a site like Pinterest for marketing.