Even More Buyout News

Frank Ahrens discusses on Don Morse’s departure, which we reported last week.

Deb Howell confirms that Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive’s Rob Curley is leaving (Earlier on FishbowlDC):

    Curley brought a team that had done groundbreaking hyperlocal work on newspaper Web sites in Lawrence and Topeka, Kan., and Naples, Fla. It is leaving The Post to do similar work at the Las Vegas Sun. Curley doesn’t think what he’s done at The Post is much different from the newspapers he grew up reading in Osage City, Kan. He calls it “old-school local journalism — relevance and relationship are at its core.”

Other people who FishbowlDC hears have taken the buyout: Don Beard, Sports night editor; Sushant Sagar, sports copy editor (though he soon starts at USA Today); Jim Hage, Sports copy editor; Mick Heller, Sports copy editor; Jon Perkins, National Copy Editor; Judy Sarasohn (was editor of the Federal Page–and Kamen’s In the Loop column–for some eight years and also wrote the Special Interests column on lobbyists for a bunch of years…she will remain through the summer).

What to look for this week: Who took the buyout who will be bought back by the paper? Who will remain as a freelancer? Who took the buyout but will then change their mind given the paper’s 7 day “Oh crap, I wanna stay” option made available for some employees?

Sharon Waxman shares her thoughts.

Lastly (and in a move that will continue the “Why the hell does the New York Times care so much about the Washington Post?!?” chatter…), the New York Times makes a late entry into the “who will replace Len Downie” debate.