Even Juiceboxers Sometimes Crack on Each Other

“Ezra’s having a ‘staff meeting'”

This was TPM‘s Brian Beutler in a comment to his pal, WaPo liberal blogger Ezra Klein, after Klein blogged that HuffPost‘s unpaid writers shouldn’t be paid because sources aren’t paid. He then took to Twitter to apparently remark on his own remarks and lead a small powwow on the matter.

But don’t let us interrupt. Klein wrote, “After all, writing for HuffPo is voluntary now. There’s no reason to assume they want to stop. Because the same people who were once sources are now writing, and for the same reason they were sources. Not pretending. I honestly think it’s way overstated. Many sources, for instance, e-mail answers to reporters. That’s work. And many of the unpaid HuffPo writers are not reporting. They’re just writing their opinion.” He then remarked on his remark, saying, “Which is fine, obv. But similar to what sources do. And we profit off our sources.”

One reader told FishbowlDC, “Oh the ego. He replies to himself.”