Evasi0n Jailbreak Software for iPad and iPhone Devices is Finally Here!

On the heels of Apple’s iOS update last week, hacker group the Evad3rs team has released the much-awaited jailbreak software, Evasi0n. Jailbreaking is a process that allows users to have more control over their own devices like the ability to install unapproved apps from the third party app store Cydia.

Thanks to the Electronics Frontier Foundation (EFF) Jailbreaking is a legal process. A court ruling in 2010 made jailbreaking explicitly legal, though it will void Apple’s warranty. Overriding iOS means that users will no longer be reliant on Apple for its security updates and potentially quicker fixes to security vulnerabilities. In 2011, jailbreak software from jailbreakme.com was able to secure devices for users against PDF-related flaws in iOS.

Evasi0n is currently experiencing a lot of heavy traffic, so you should take this time to back up your devices. Doing so can ensure that your data is safe in the event that something goes wrong. Don’t download from third party websites and links, as those may not be secure or legitimate copies.

Cydia currently boasts 22.8 million devices, but that number is expected to drastically increase. Cydia’s website has crashed – rumored to be from heavy traffic, over 1 TB per 10 minutes.