Twitter Co-founder Evan Williams Talks Early Internet And Obvious Corp [VIDEO]

Did you know that Twitter co-founder Evan Williams is from Nebraska?

Okay, have you ever seen a video of him pitching a “how to use the Internet program” in the 90s? You will now!

We spotted this video on Pando Daily. They report that it’s part of a the “Serendipity Series, hosted by the cloud emailing company Message Bus — whose CEO is former Twitter director of operations Jeremy LaTrasse.”

The whole video is worth a watch, if only to hear about how Williams seemingly stumbled into success, from early efforts at starting an Internet company in Nebraska (fast forward to 2 minutes in to see THAT) through creating and moving to Google with Blogger.

Calling himself naive with a lack of skepticism and possibly too trusting, he also talks about his latest endeavor, Obvious Corp.

Oh and FYI, if you want to pitch a potential Obvious Corp project, here are the two criteria they have:

  • Is it something we want to succeed in the world whether or not we’re involved?
  • Can we bring something unique to it?

One thing Williams doesn’t talk about in this video though? Twitter.

(Microphone image from Shutterstock)