Brring! Brring! D.C.’s Phone Enthusiast is Still at It

Washington D.C. investigative freelancer Evan Gahr is still at it. As in, he’s still trying to figure out why WaPo won’t cover a lawsuit brought forth by a WaPo sales employing citing race and age discrimination.

As we’ve reported, Gahr has called a number of Washington Post reporters and editors and has been hung up on numerous times as well as blocked on Twitter. Gahr seems to relish in the hangups in an amusing sort of way. One point he raises is an interesting one … if it’s a front page story when the EEOC sues BMW for race discrimination why isn’t this a story? On the other hand, it’s perfectly reasonable that a news organization would not want screw up an internal legal matter by writing about it. Probably not that tough of a call for WaPo execs, but Gahr is still incensed that they don’t appear to be taking it more seriously by slapping the matter in its news or media sections.

Yesterday Gahr spoke with WaPo‘s Steven Mufson, who covers energy and financial news, and thinks he may have made some headway with him. We’ve requested comment from Mufson on the matter.

See Gahr’s version of the conversation.

Steven Mufson: Steven Mufson
Evan Gahr: This is Evan Gahr. Are you writing about the lawsuit?
Steven Mufson: I don’t know. I’ve been busy. I am going to discuss it with my editors, maybe today.
Evan Gahr: Did you even read my article?
Steven Mufson: Yes, I read your article.
Evan Gahr: Why is it a front page story for the Washington Post when the EEOC sues BMW for race discrimination but not a story when the Post gets sued for race discrimination?
Steven Mufson: [silence]
Steven Mufson: That is why I am going to look into this.

Next time, Gahr tells FishbowlDC, “I will just start the conversation by saying, ‘Are you going to report this lawsuit or help the Post cover it up?'”

Mufson, you’ve been warned.