Evacuating the Superdome as the water rises

In New Orleans, they are finally evacuating the SuperDome, apparenty planning to airlift people to the Astrodome in Houston. I will never make fun of sports again. Meanwhile, amazingly, water still continues to pour into the city with two levees destroyed — CNN has a video here (as a side note, CNN has finally dropped their tasteless and oft-mocked “Watch Free!” video plug).

On the newsblogs, more reports of the devastation: The Daily Nightly has an account by NBC Correspondent Kerry Sanders who flew over New Orleans and Bay St. Louis, Miss. in a helicopter yesterday (video here) – he typed it in the air but couldn’t post it ’til today. Hardly pre-packaged news.

The newsies continue to fan out but still the scope is too gigantic to cover, even as they capture the personal moments (Jon Friedman feels a little voyeuristic being privy to such raw grief; Robin Roberts reports from her home state of Mississippi, voice shaking).

An emailer writes:

“It takes a lot of exposure to understand how this impacts people. You grow blas&#233 after seeing your hundredth house submerged, until you realize that it means you can’t live in the house. And your neighbor can’t live in his. And no one can live in any of theirs. And there’s nowhere to go. And the one place there was to go to is a hot, humid, football stadium with no plumbing or water and tons of trash. And people are looting and rioting on the dry parts, without any law enforcement. And the water’s rising, and every other city nearby is the exact same way.”