Eva Hagberg: I’m Out, Suckas!!!

This post will be a first, and a last. A little housekeeping, a little changing of the guard, and–for the first time–a little writing as myself. A couple thank you’s, the usual, then I’m out.

I have to thank Elizabeth Spiers for hiring me, when the most blogging experience I’d had was one guest post I’d sent to Gridskipper. It was about absinthe. It took me two hours and wasn’t very funny, but she was cool with the idea of potential. I also have to thank Aileen Gallagher, who took over when Spiers left, and dealt with things like my not understanding href hspaces and Movable Type’s constant pissiness. And Rachel Sklar of Fishbowl (also leaving today), as well as Ron Hogan and Sarah Weinman of Galleycat. Haven’t met the others, can’t vouch. But they seem cool. And, of course, Laurel Touby, without whom there would be no mediabistro.com.

The entirely scandal-ridden thoroughly shocking NC-17 reason why I’m leaving: I didn’t love blogging. That said, I didn’t really hate it, either. It’s a medium that some writers are cut out for and some aren’t. Completely embodying my character (and yes, it was a character) was a kick, and while it’s fun to play valley girl (not always such a stretch), it was the twin dangers of omg-exhaustion and bleeding stylistic edges that in the end killed my metaphorical canary and my unmetaphorical stamina. It’s time for something longer than a post, and I’m looking forward to the long-lost luxury of conviction that thinking about something for more than thirty seconds lends. Not to mention being able to operate at more than one (very high-frequency) creative constant.

Catch you on the TK.