Eva Chen Discusses Changes at Lucky

Eva Chen, the editor-in-chief of Lucky, has big plans for the magazine now that she’s in charge. Below are some highlights from her interview with Adweek, which we highly recommend.

On her decision to leave the pre-med world behind in favor of magazines:

The summer between junior and senior year of college, before I took the MCATs, I was like, ‘I want a summer off.’ So I applied to 20 internships, including one at Harper’s Bazaar. That was the only one that paid, so I took it. It was difficult to tell my parents that I was no longer pre-med—they were not so happy as first-generation immigrant parents. I still don’t know that they fully understand what I do.

Her goals as editor of Lucky:

I wanted to bring that original voice back. You could tell that the magazine used to be a consortium of these 10 to 15 women who had the style-obsessed conversations. I wanted to bring the editors back into the magazine a little bit more. And I wanted to bring in a very strong fashion eye and make a magazine that shows that fashion can be fun.

How shopping magazines can stay relevant:

I think that people need a magazine to guide them toward the trends and in the right direction. When I’m shopping, it can be in-store, online, off a blog. Lucky will be the place that pulls it all together.