Europeans Slower To Adopt eBooks

eBook consumption is growing in the U.S., but adoption is slower in Europe. According to a new report by Price Waterhouse Coopers called “Turning the Page, The Future of eBooks,” by the end of 2010, eBooks accounted for more than 7% of sales in the US book market.

The PCW report has more: “Additionally, industry observers estimate that up to 8 times as many of these sales are coming through Amazon’s Kindle Store than all other online retailers combined. Comparatively few eReaders were sold last year in European countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK, where the market is in its infancy.”

Growth is slower in Europe for the time being. According to the report, “the UK bookstore chain Waterstone’s included the Sony Reader in its program in autumn 2008 and has since sold 60,000 eReaders. In the Netherlands, iRex Technologies, a spinoff of Philips, introduced eReaders at the end of 2008 and reported scarcely more than 4,000 sales at the end of 2009. Sales rose to 50,000 eReaders by midyear, but it was not enough to save iRex from filing for bankruptcy protection in June 2010. “

With the Kindle and the iPad taking off in European countries, will Europeans begin to adopt eBooks?