European Publishers Experiment With eBook Singles

The eBook single format has been growing in the US in recent months — Amazon has added dozens of new titles to the Kindle Singles catalog and Barnes & Noble recently introduced a way to sell short form content through Nook called ‘Snaps.’ But Americans aren’t alone in releasing short form digital books, the trend is also taking off in Europe.

Danish publisher Zetland has released its 13th eBook single today. The company began publishing eBook singles in Danish a little more than a year ago and the format has been taking off. In fact, the company’s most popular eBook single, “The Heist,” an account of the country’s biggest robbery in the history was a candidate for Denmark’s version of The Pulitzer Prize.

Here is more from Thin about the emerging eBook single scene in  Europe:

[Jakob] Moll [founder of Zetland] has found other small e-book single publishers in Europe includingLongplay in Finland, and Informant in Italy. (There is also Ether Books in England.  The company publishes made-for-mobile e-book singles that can be downloaded straight to smartphones.)