European Internet Habits [INFOGRAPHIC]

Digital marketers know that marketing to Europeans requires different tactics and messaging, if only slightly, than marketing to Americans, or people anywhere else.

And when 20% of the world’s Internet users are European – when Europeans only make up 12% of the world’s population – getting educated on where and what Europeans are doing online is vital.

The infographic below, created by MintTwist, takes a look at the Internet habits of Europeans right now.

A few takeaways:

– Facebook is the most popular social network and has slowly been encroaching on native sites such as Hyves (the Netherlands) and (Poland).

– Citizens of the UK, Germany and the Netherlands love shopping online, but that’s not as true of Italians.

– By 2014 there will be an estimated 35 million tablets in the area, and multi-screen browsing is becoming normal behavior. That said, in some countries such as Turkey, desktop browsing is increasing as more of the country has access to broadband.

Where does Twitter factor into Europeans’ social media usage? Twitter UK’s guesstimated 10 million active users (and about three times as many registered profiles) is an indicator of how active people in Europe are on the platform.

(Infographic via MintTwist, image via Shutterstock)