Euro RSCG Adds Jaguar’s Digital Biz

BOSTON Havas’ Euro RSCG today said it has added global digital chores on Jaguar.

The agency will handle the account in its New York office under the leadership of ecds Alicia Johnson and Hal Wolverton.

Jaguar spent slightly more than $45 million in U.S. media alone last year, including $8 million in the digital sector, per TNS Media Intelligence. Global figures were not immediately available.

The digital assignment expands the existing relationship between Jaguar and the agency to include all online advertising and e-CRM duties, as well as the maintenance and building out of, the shop said.

Global Beach and Haymarket Media Group, both based in the U.K., also participated in the final round of the review.

“By adding the digital function to the scope of Euro RSCG’s responsibilities, we ensure that an integrated creative and strategic vision informs every consumer touch point,” said Mike O’Driscoll, managing director of Jaguar Cars, in a statement. “We found our groove with Gorgeous, and we are confident that the Euro’s integrated model will continue to help us translate luxurious campaigns into strong financial performance.”

“Utilizing digital in how we engage with culture and express the brand message is very powerful for Jaguar,” said Johnson. “A Jaguar driver is a strong individualist that prefers to choose how and when they’ll engage with the brand, and the digital space opens a lot of new opportunity for reaching consumers.”