Twitter Tracking #Euro2012 Tweets

Have you seen Twitter’s new page dedicated to compiling all of the #Euro2012 action in one place?

If not and you’re a fan, you should check it out. It’s very colorful. You can find it on both and

Twitter’s Sports & Entertainment Team announced that they want to give fans a “new way to experience the matches,” so they created the #Euro2012 page. The page “will give you an experience customized to each match.”

You’ll find the best and most relevant Tweets from commentators, broadcasters, journalists, players, former players and lots more who share their thoughts, expertise and emotional reactions as they’re watching the games.

Here’s a peek:


And check THIS out – a visualization of support for #France (in blue) and #England (in red) during their #Euro2012 match on June 11. On that day, people tweeted from 160 different countries about the game.

Want to see what it looks like in real time? Check it out today during the Germany and Greece quarter-final, which starts at 2:45pm ET / 11:45am PT!
(Soccer image from Shutterstock)