Etsy Introduces New App Just for Crafts and Antique Sellers

soe_englishThe online store for craft and antiques have moved onto phones with a new app created specifically for sellers of goods. For sellers, this app will offer some convenient features to make shop management easier on-the-go.

With Sell on Etsy, sellers can:

  • Manage their shop activity feed with purchases, feedback and favorites;
  • Manage open orders and review completed ones;
  • Create, edit and publish listings directly from their phone;
  • Communicate with buyers;
  • Access their shop stats such as views, favorites, orders and revenue history;
  • Receive notifications from Etsy when they get a sale or feedback.

With smartphones and camera features, a seller can make a quick listing on one device without ever going home. Currently the app is only for iPhones users, but you can sign up to get notified later this year when Etsy comes to the platform:

Sell on Etsy marks a big step towards making sure the mobile experience for Etsy sellers is first-class. Later this year, we’ll launch Sell on Etsy for Android (join this group for updates), plus more mobile tools to help sellers manage their shops from any device.Download Sell on Etsy in the App Store, read our FAQs for more information on the seller app’s key features, and join the launch day discussion here.