Etsy Becomes First Online Marketplace to Offer Shoppost to Merchants

Etsy is just the latest to integrate Shoppost functionality, so vendors can sell directly through Facebook and Twitter.


Social commerce platform Shoppost will now be available to Etsy retailers, the company announced today. Etsy, home to vendors of handmade and vintage goods, is just the latest to integrate Shoppost functionality and usher in a new era of social shopping.

Shoppost allows Etsy merchants to sell their wares directly in stream on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr with functionality that “mimics an e-commerce storefront.” The idea is to facilitate a “frictionless shopping” experience by providing information including images, availability, sizing and pricing directly in promotional posts. When the customer clicks the Shoppost buy button, they will be taken directly to the merchant’s Etsy shopping cart.

“Many of our customers are extremely active on social media, but until now there was no compelling way to engage with and sell to them where they spend so much of their time online,” said Kate Lauter, an Etsy merchant and Shoppost customer Shop King Dude. “Shoppost gives us that capability by bringing our storefront to life across all of the major social networks with up-to-date info on color, size availability and pricing from our Etsy page.”

In addition to Etsy integration, Shoppost is also adding a Tumblr share button. Previously, sharing on Tumblr could only be done with embed codes. The Tumblr share button functions much like Shoppost buttons on other social networks, enabling merchants to post to Tumblr with the click of a button.

This could be a boon for brands looking to capitalize on Tumblr’s fashion-savvy audience.

“With Tumblr being recognized as the fastest-growing social platform concurrently with our Tumblr share button launch, this enhancement will provide our merchant base a valuable tool to expand their social reach and increase conversions,” James Lively, president of Zanlter, the company behind Shoppost, said in a statement.