Ethics-Challenged KTLA Teams with LA Times for Video Segments–Tribune Synergy at its Finest


The LA Times and KTLA are working together to provide video segments on the Times’ website. FBLA sees a train wreck heading our way. That or a dining room make-over.

Joel Sappell, the Executive Editor, Interactive, who’s best known for the Schwarzenegger groping story, announced that:

The embedded player also gives us the ability to showcase pieces produced by our own multimedia folks, many of them featuring Times writers who deserve a much higher profile in the online world. For example, debuting today is a video version of Susan Carpenter’s popular “Throttle Jockey” motorcycle column. Next week, Pulitzer Prize-winner Dan Neil will take his “Rumble Seat” car reviews straight to video. Ideas for other features from throughout the organization are welcomed.

FBLA isn’t part of the organization, but we’ve got ideas, welcomed or not. First–no one likes Flash.

FBLA feels like shouting “Tribune over-lords, wise up.”

A great print piece does not equal a great video piece. Neill talking to camera isn’t a great piece. Neill driving a great car, really fast, and voicing over the video might be a great piece. KTLA isn’t going to pay for a decent car mount, a decent camera operator nor an innovative editor. DOA.

Throttle Jockey is fun enough, but see above. Is KTLA cutting this from EPKs? (Why didn’t the LAT do a title search? ) DOA.

Los Angeles has roughly a few million wannabe filmmakers. They all work cheap. Does no one at the Tribune watch YouTube? Or Current?

KTLA is a joke. A joke-joke. Jokey joke-joke. Jokey-jokey joke-joke.

Print people droning on camera aren’t interesting.

Hire an producer who’s a journalist with integrity.

Hire a tabloid producer for some juice.

Hire a web magician.