Estrich and Kinsley: Mad Beef

dash.jpgWell, it was an eventful holiday weekend in the Los Angeles media sphere. First and foremost, the Kinsley-Estrich dispute got ugly. The Washington Examiner posted an acrimonious email exchange between the duo, which climaxes with Estrich suggesting that Kinsley’s judgment is clouded by his Parkinson’s disease. But before you look, take this quiz: Which of the following are subject headings from the Kinsley-Estrich emails, and which are titles of songs by tween-skewing emo troubadour Dashboard Confessional?

(UPDATE: A couple readers have wondered if the published Estrich/Kinsley headers were made up by the Examiner to serve as funny paragraph breaks. I emailed to ask and haven’t recieved a response yet. But perhaps Kinsley and Estrich are less emo than I thought.)

1) How Dare You Accuse Me of Blackmail
2) Again I Go Unnoticed
3) Living In Your Letters
4) Run My Letter… Or Else
5) Hey Girl
6) Don’t Try To Push Me Around Girlie
7) That’s It I Am Taking My Ball and Going Home

Answers after the jump.

Continuing the emo theme, Estrich has now launched, a blog about her dispute with Kinsley and the Times. The blog (as of this writing) features a cloudy sky background and an approach to punctuation and grammar more befitting the diary of a sixteen-year-old Taking Back Sunday fan than a tenured law professor. Sample quote: IT’S THE OLD ONE MORE CHANCE. CALL ME. EMAIL ME. TELL ME TO STOP. TELL ME WHERE I’M WRONG. Her caps, not mine.

In sum, even though Estrich’s central claim is valid -there really should be more women on the LAT editorial page, a point which Kinsley conceded way back when this whole thing started- Estrich’s behavior is the silliest and most ill-calculated posturing I have witnessed in my three weeks as a professional media observer. For more serious analysis, see LAObserved and Cathy Seipp.

Answers: 1), 4), 6), 7) Estrich/Kinsley, 2), 3), 5) Dashboard Confessional