Estimated 100,000 Motorola Xoom Tablets Sold: Indication of Flop or Success?

Yesterday, I wrote:

Motorola Atrix (modular Android phone) & Xoom Tablet Disappointing According to an Analyst

I noted my surprise since the Xoom seems to be generating a lot of buzz (good and bad) and the few people I know who have a Xoom seem to like it a lot.

Business Insider’s Jay Yarow declared that:

Motorola Xoom A Flop, Just 100,000 Sold So Far

This is based on an estimate from Deutsche Bank who used Honeycomb (Android OS 3.0) use as reported by the Android Developers Dashboard. This number is provided by Google and currently reports that a mere 0.2% of Android users are using a Honeycomb device. All Honeycomb devices are tablets.

Betanews’ Joe Wilcox has a different take on this 100,000 units sold figure:

100,000 Motorola XOOMs sold isn’t bad, it’s good

I tend to side with Joe’s glass half-full interpretation. The Xoom came out of the gate before it was ready (some functions don’t work) to compete with the iPad 2. Unfortunately, it also came out of the gate way too expensive. Joe noted that the lower priced ($600) WiFi-only model is available now. And, like him, I believe it will attract people who did not want a two-year Verizon contract obligation just to have an Android tablet.