Essence Reassigns Managing Editor after Racist Facebook Page Leaks [Updated]

Michael Bullerdick, the Managing Editor of Essence, has “accepted a position in another division” after racist and extreme right wing posts on his Facebook page were leaked. According to Journal-isms, Bullerdick posted images of Al Sharpton labeled as a “race pimp,” and videos by such noted conservative nut jobs as James O’Keefe.

Essence learned of the posts when Journal-isms sent the pictures to the magazine on Friday. At first, Constance C.R. White, Essence’s editor, issued the following statement:

As editor-in-chief, I’m responsible for all editorial content for Essence. I hired Michael to manage the production schedule of Essence. As head of production, he does not attend editorial idea meetings, nor does he get involved in the editorial direction of the magazine.

So he’s free to be as offensive and crazy as he wants to be! Well, not really. Shortly afterward, a spokesperson for Essence said, “By mutual agreement, Michael has accepted a position in another division.”

Hope that division is cool with Bullerdick’s idea of social media fun!

Here’s a Media Beat segment where we asked White about the flak she caught for hiring Bullerdick and Elianna Placas before him.

[Pic via Journal-isms]

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