Esquire‘s 75th Anniversary Gala, Or, Bill Clinton Does Evita

gothesq.jpgFBNY has been covering the release of Esquire‘s 75th anniversary issue (the one with the special electronic cover) all week, and last night we attended a big party to mark the occasion and celebrate the 75 people Esquire thinks will be the most influential of the 21st Century. Sound a bit familiar? Well we did ask if this was Esquire‘s way of honing in on Time‘s yearly 100, but were assured that last night was a one shot deal.

The party was held at Gotham Hall, the inside of which sort of looks like a set piece from Triumph of the Will meets Lost Boys — great for a party but a bit of a strange atmosphere to watch, say, a former President give a speech. Which is exactly what happened when, shortly after we arrived, David Granger introduced Bill Clinton as the night’s surprise guest speaker (Clinton says every time he comes to Gotham Hall he expects Batman to appear). Actually Clinton wasn’t a surprise to everyone, Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales later told us that he’d heard about Clinton’s arrival beforehand from Julia Allison, at which point Charlie Rose leaned over to us and asked: “Who is Julia Allison?” More pictures and video of Clinton’s Peron-like speech (but, sadly without the music) after the jump.

Bill Clinton commends Esquire for sending message out the message that “it’s okay to want to look good, be hip, and still use your brain.” And we’d always assumed that was Obama’s platform.


Physicist, and one of Esquire‘s 75, Lisa Randall and ETP’s Rachel Sklar


Charlie Rose. Turns out he interviewed Sarah Palin last year and found her “very interesting” but was just as surprised as the rest of us when McCain picked her.